Leica Q2: The new generation of the compact camera with a full-frame sensor and a fast prime lens

Leica Q2: The new generation of the compact camera with a full-frame sensor and a fast prime lens


The Leica Q2 enables the photographer to achieve unparalleled results in the most accessible way. Setting the benchmark with a sensor that delivers 95% more resolution than its predecessor, in combination with the fastest lens in its class, a precise auto-focus, and reliable protection against the elements, the Leica Q2 is bound to exceed expectations and master a multitude of situations.

Through its simplicity of operation and reduction to one single focal length, the photographer is liberated from distractions and ready to focus on the essential: the creation of the image.


Newly Developed Sensor

  1. The newly developed full frame sensor delivers a resolution of 47,3 MP (effective).
  2. For images with rich details and additional opportunities for the digital frame selection with the opportunity to zoom up to 75mm.


Newly Developed Processor

from the Maestro series, which was adapted for usage in a compact camera, opens a wider range of applications like 4K video and 4K burst shooting as well as an improved noise reduction at higher ISO.

Dust and Spray Water Proof

The body and lens of the Leica Q2 are dust and spray water proofed – and was tested under  controlled laboratory conditions with a rating of IP52  (protection against falling water drops / camera tilted by 15 °)

▸No worries about the weather or region, bring it everywhere you love to take images.



New EVF OLED 0.5”, 3.68MP, best in class image quality

1. High resolution (3.68 MP) for rich details and improved contrast and color depth.

2. Increased image magnification (0.76x) and improved optics.

3. Eye sensor without any perceptible delays.

4. A redesigned push-button diopter setting dial on the back of the camera prevents inadvertent shifting of the


High Speed Auto Focus

1.High-speed Autofocus system: To ensure you never miss a treasured moment, the Leica Q2 boasts an autofocus system that sharply focuses on your subject in 0.15 seconds, the fastest in its class.

2.High-speed burst shooting rate of an impressive 10 frames per second at the full resolution of 47.3 MP, the Leica Q2 is built to capture what you want, whenever you need.

Simply Elegant Design

1.Integrated thumb rest and sophisticated diamond pattern leather trim to ensure optimum grip.

2.Unique and intuitive handling concept, such as its redesigned push-button diopter setting dial on the back of the camera that prevents unintentional operation.

3.In contrast to the Leica Q, and following the design language established by the Leica M10, the new shutter release button of the Q2 solely controls the camera’s On/Off setting – giving users a confident feel and satisfying haptic feedback.



Made in Germany

Reduction to the essentials while fully exploiting all available potentials: the new Leica Q2 is fully committed to the principle of uniting the top-level quality and fundamental functionality. Only the highest quality materials are used in its construction to ensure maximum endurance and a long service. The camera body is made from magnesium and offers a confident and rugged, yet exquisite, feel.


New 4K Function

The new Q2 offers, beside the well know Full HD capability, 4K video as well (3840 x 2160)

at 24/30 fps and C4K (4096 x 2160) at 24 fps, defined by DCI*

  1. Beside the choice of different video resolutions various film styles including a Monochrome mode are available.


Leica Fotos App

 Easily Pair: Connect Leica FOTOS to your Leica Q2 without any menus, via Bluetooth.

▸ Remote Wakeup: Connect to your Leica Q2, even when it is off and out of reach.

▸ Auto Clock Set: Your cameras’ date & time are always in sync with your smartphone.

In order to ensure the full functionality of Leica FOTOS, the App will support the Q2 only as of April, 3. This information is also displayed in the app.

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