Rock n Roll M10 Asian Blue strap

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AED 650 (Inclusive of VAT)

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Rock n Roll straps are beautiful, completely hand made, constructed from 45 to 70 pieces of leather assembled and stitched by hand.

RnR straps are already the choice of many Leica photographers.

Rock n Roll straps are inspired by the guitar straps many Rock n Rollers used for their guitars during the 60s and 70s.

The RnR strap, because of its structure , works as a shock absorber . Most of our clients underline that! Even on  heavy camera

They are a perfect pair with a Leica M, Leica Q, Leica Cl, Sony cameras, Fuji and Olympus.

All RocknRoll straps come, with 2 leather protectors, in a linen pouch.

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