Leica D-Lux 7 Vans x Ray Barbee Edition

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    Wetzlar, 19th November 2021. Leica Camera AG has teamed up with two stars of the
    skateboarding scene – the fashion label Vans, and the skater, musician and photographer Ray
    Barbee – to introduce the limited-edition Leica D-Lux 7 Vans x Ray Barbee: an extraordinary
    camera that encapsulates the spirit and lifestyle of skateboarding culture. Ray Barbee
    summarizes the venture’s core emotion: “The joy is in capturing the journey.”
    Vans has been creating skate shoes and clothing for more than five decades – staying true to
    its underground essence whilst gaining global renown. The multi-talented Ray Barbee not only
    counts as a pioneer within the skateboarding scene, but is also known as a successful musician
    and Leica photographer. “I am very honored to be working with both Vans and Leica – not just
    to show the connection between skating and photography, but also to celebrate the enormous
    contributions of both brands in their respective fields. The coming together of these two brands
    represents a truly special collaboration.”

    The Leica D-Lux 7 Vans x Ray Barbee Edition is covered in Vans’ iconic checkerboard pattern.
    The top plate of the camera features Ray Barbee’s signature, as well as the Vault logo – a sub brand
    which Vans reserves for particularly high-end products and exclusive collaborations. The
    set includes a specially designed carrier strap and matching dust bag, both in petrol blue. One
    side of the bag is adorned with Barbee’s quote, “The joy is in capturing the journey,” which has
    become the motto of this joint venture and its resulting products. The other side of the dust
    bag shows the famous words of Ernst Leitz II: “Ich entscheide hiermit: Es wird riskiert” (“I herby
    decide: the risk shall be taken”) – which marked the go-ahead for the production of the Leica I
    in 1924.

    The limited-edition Leica D-Lux 7 Vans x Ray Barbee has the same technical specifications as
    the serially produced model, distinguished by a large Micro Four Thirds sensor and fast zoom
    lens with a full-frame-equivalent range of 24 – 75 mm. Vans complements the collaboration
    with specially designed T-shirts as well as shoes (including a petrol-colored model with red
    eyelets and checkerboard lining) adorned with the afore-mentioned quotes by Ray Barbee and
    Ernst Leitz II.

    Leica D-Lux Technical Specs:  Click here

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