• Leica S-Multifunction Handgrip for Leica S (Typ 006/007)

    AED 2,675 (Inclusive of VAT)
  • Leica S-Camera Professional Battery Charger

    AED 1,750 (Inclusive of VAT) Available on at a future date.
  • Leica S-Camera Screen with Grid

    AED 1,545 (Inclusive of VAT)
  • SD 128GB Extreme Pro 300MB/s, C10

    AED 990 (Inclusive of VAT)
  • Leica Camera Battery SBP PRO 1 for S (Typ 007)

    AED 825 (Inclusive of VAT)
  • Leica Audio Adapter for S (Typ 007)

    AED 695 (Inclusive of VAT)
  • Extreme Pro SDHC 64GBs 300/MBs

    AED 550 (Inclusive of VAT)
  • Leica S-Camera Remote Release Cable

    AED 400 (Inclusive of VAT)