Product Description

Napa II M- Roulette Napa leather strap. Leather camera straps have never been this soft before!

Napa II – M , with a similar triple braid as the previous best seller version  but with internal seams. This makes the construction of the strap much more difficult and time consuming but the result is an even softer and even more  beautiful strap!

Made from premium Italian soft full grain sheepskin. It is a particularly valuable leather  because of its softness and fine grain, as well as durability. It is commonly used for high-quality clothing.

Perfect for all cameras accepting split rings. Leica M,  Leica Q.

The Napa camera shoulder strap comes with a unique suppleness, a feeling of leather turned silk on the skin, of luxury and exclusivity that is unrivalled. Made of a triple weave of finest sheepskin, which is interwoven and sewn together, this design camera strap offers not only a maximum of wearing comfort, but also an enormous durability, as only the finest full grain leather can offer. Optically perfect for modern compact and system cameras, this results in a very resistant, yet extremely flexible and cuddly design camera strap.


  • Hand crafted camera strap made from high quality full grain sheepskin.
  • Elaborately braided and sewn by hand
  • Strap attaches to camera with hardened 16mm split rings