Leica APO-Summicron-M 90mm f/2.0 ASPH

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A top seller M Lens, a must-have for all Leica M Users.

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    Apochromatic colour correction and an aspherical lens surface are combined for the first time in this lens of this type. Of its five individual elements, two are made of high-refraction glass, while two others feature anomalous partial dispersion. Its brilliance and quality of resolution are exemplary even at full aperture. Light falloff is very low. Its fast aperture, for a 90 mm lens, lets you shoot at relatively short exposure times even in dim light, helping to minimize the effects of camera shake, for instance when photographing street scenes from a distance.

    Angle of view (diagonal, horizontal, vertical) 27°, 23°, 15°
    Optical design
    Number of lenses/groups 5 / 5
    Focal length 90.9 mm
    Position of entrance pupil 58.6 mm (related to the first lens surface in light direction)
    Focusing range 1 m to Infinity
    Distance setting
    Scales Combined meter/feet graduation
    Smallest object field 220 mm x 330 mm
    Largest reproduction ratio  1:9
    Setting/Function With click-stops, half values available, manual diaphragm
    Lowest value 16
    Bayonet Leica M quick-change bayonet with 6 bit lens identification bar code for digital M models
    Filter mount Internal thread for screw-in type filters E 55
    Lens hood Built-in, telescopic
    Dimension and weight: 
    Length 78 mm
    Largest diameter 64 mm
    Weight approx. 500 g

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